Data Validation Lists using formulas

Adding a little twist to data validation making it smarter

I was working today on enhancing data validation cells to add items to a list on a fly. While I was looking for some ideas, I came across a simple solution for doing some lookups when creating data validation cells. This does not do what I wanted, but I thought it was a nice introduction […]

Free Excel Online Training – Power Query & Data Cleansing Techniques!

Here is another great opportunity from

Free Excel Online Training – Power Query & Data Cleansing Techniques! Excel MVP Oz du Soleil and John Michaloudis are holding a free Excel training this week that will show you how easy it is to clean, transform and automate your data & reports, saving you hours each day! Click to view video 1 & […]

Video to give you some idea of what Power Query can do

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John Michaloudis and OZ du Soleil  have created a BONUS video for you today as he got lots of requests during our free training last week about Power Query and What else it can do?  Power Query is a really powerful tool. I am just getting up to speed in this area.  Take a look at […]

Index Match The Easy Way

Replace Vlookup with the easy method

I just saw a great little video which makes using Excel Index/Match less confusing.  This is a post from Wyn Hopkins of Access Analytics in Australia.  Note at the end he is using the autocorrect option to fill in the text of the formula right into the cell.  Fantastic!!

Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my Blog. I am going to focus on designing workbooks for use in accounting applications to be both expandable and flexible while using all the latest tools that Excel has to offer.   Be prepared to rethink the way you do things.  Easier formulas to audit, easy to add data without having to copy […]